How to use the Steps feature

The Parempi vire application measures daily activity through health applications or wearable devices connected to Parempi vire.


  • Track your activity level: daily steps and elevation
  • Track whether you meet your daily steps target

How to set up the mobile Steps feature:

  • When you first launch the Parempi vire application, the app will ask for permission to track your daily activity. Choose Yes to start the daily Steps counter.
  • Your daily activities will now be stored in your training log, and the home view will display a summary of your steps and elevation.
  • If you chose No while first launching the application but wish to activate the daily activity tracking feature later on:
  • Android: Settings > Google Fit settings > turn Activity detection on
  • iOS: Account > Settings > Motion & Fitness > turn Fitness Tracking on


Tracking activity with a wearable device:

  • Some wearable devices measure daily activity. Connect such a wearable to the Parempi vire application to import your activity data to Parempi vire.


Troubleshooting tips: 

  • I no longer wish to track my daily activity.
    • To stop tracking your daily activity, follow the instructions below (disable activity tracking).
    • Disable the connection between Parempi vire and your wearable device(s): Account > Wearable devices.
  • The settings are correct but Steps is not working (iOS).
    • Your phone is an older model: Some older models, such as the iPhone 5c, don’t support the Steps feature and counter.
    • Health app settings: Check your Health (Apple Health) application to make sure Parempi vire has permission to use health data. Health > Sources > Apps > Allow Parempi vire to read data > Allow Steps, Walking + Running Distance, and Flights Climbed.
  • The settings are correct but Steps is not working (Android).
    • Check that your phone comes with Google Fit. Some older Android phones do not automatically come with Google Play services such as Google Fit. Download the Google Fit application form the Google Play store for free.
    • Does Parempi vire show in Google Fit? Settings > tap Google Fit > select Parempi vire. If Parempi vire is not showing, repeat the setup (see above).
    • Check whether Google Fit shows your daily steps. If your daily steps are not showing in Google Fit: Google Fit Settings > Google Fit data > turn Activity detection on.

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