How to add and cheer on colleagues

A joy that's shared is a joy made double. You can add friends on Parempi vire. Friends can see one another’s entries and cheer on one another.

How to add and remove a friend

Once you start using the Parempi vire application, you can immediately add colleagues who have also joined the service.

You can also add friends later on, simply go to the Friends menu. The service suggests colleagues in your Parempi vire community.

  • Android: Menu > Friends
  • iOS: Account > Friends

To remove a friend from the Friends menu > Friends > Tap the dots in the upper-right corner > Remove friend

How to cheer

  • Your home view feed displays the latest entries made by friends. Cheer on the entries using the Cheer button (with several cheering icons to choose from), or by commenting on the entries.
  • Use the Friends menu to view friend profiles and training logs and cheer on friends’ activities in their individual logs.



  • Sharing is optional. Some entries are private by default (e.g. daily activity data and weight) and some are public (your wellness and training entries). You can edit any training entry, new or previous, as Private.
  • Privacy concerns? Read more on Parempi vire privacy protection.

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