How to log an activity

Parempi vire is your personal fitness and wellness cheerleader. Make use of the diverse activity logs and diaries to make the most of the service.

  • Tap the + button in your home view to open the activity menu.


  • Log activity: Parempi vire displays your top entries as your favourite activities. You can search for a sport or physical activity in the Activity log. The home view also displays a summary of your weekly activities.
  • GPS tracking: Use Parempi vire to track distance and duration. GPS tracking requires a stable internet connection and enabling GPS tracking on your phone. The app also tracks speed and pace, and you can enter your exercise in the Activity log when you’re done.
  • Log meal: Take a photo of your meal. Meal entries are private by default, but you can edit the entry as public and inspire your colleagues with your healthy lunch, for instance. Meals are stored in your training log since the app does not contain a meal diary feature at present.
  • Log weight: Track your weight. If your wearable device tracks weight and is connected to the Parempi vire app, the data collected will be visible as a graph in the home view. Weight data is private.
  • Log sleep: Track what time you go to bed and wake up. The home view displays how much you sleep on average. You can also set a sleep target. Sleep entries are private.
  • Log wellness: Wellness entries are an integral part of Parempi vire and your personal wellbeing. Enter your everyday wellness activities and share them with colleagues. Wellness entries are stored in your training log.
  • Diary note: Notes are private, unless you choose to share them with others.
  • Log sick day: Take time to recover. Log in sick days, Parempi vire will store them in your training log. Sick day entries are private.


  • Images: Liven up your entries by sharing photos taken with your phone.
  • Mood: Enter your mood and track how it evolves over time.
  • Tags: Create tags to label your entries and speed up logging in the future, for example: commute, coaching, and so on.
  • Notes: You can mark all as private if you want, and remove them from community stats if you choose.

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