Themed programs and reporting

Once a user signs up for Parempi vire, the application launches a 12-week-long themed program.


  • The programs launch for each individual employee the moment he/she signs up and activates the service.
  • The first program starts automatically for each individual user once Parempi vire is activated. The 12-week programs are: 1. My goals, 2. My social life, 3. My attitude, and 4. My energy.
  • Each program includes a survey, monthly habit challenges (such as increasing water intake or sleeping better) and weekly tips.

Oma vire reports:

  • The admin will receive summary reports on Community and Team activities (if Teams are in use) every 12 weeks.
  • The report(s) containing all data available at that point will be delivered to all participating companies (approximately every 12 weeks).

Additional reports:

  • Parempi vire does not provide real-time reports to the admin.
  • To request additional reports, please contact our support team or your Parempi vire contact person.

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