eNPS question in Työvire and Työyhteisövire

The eNPS question has been updated to match the standard eNPS question “How likely is it that you would recommend your employer to a friend or colleague?” (0 Not at all likely - 10 Extremely likely). The rephrased question measures employee engagement and serves as a good indicator for managers to produce valuable information. The update was made in early March.

The question is the last question on both surveys:

The respondents are divided into three groups: Promoters (Answers 9-10), Passives (Answers 7-8) and Detractors (Answers 0-6). The result of the eNPS question is calculated by subtracting the relative percentage of critics from the relative percentage of referrals. The result can thus range from -100 to +100. This question does not affect the average score of the survey.

The result of the eNPS question appears in the report as follows:

The highest score in the middle indicates the result of the eNPS question for the selected result set of answers. The arrow next to it shows the direction in which the result has moved compared to the previous result. For example, in the image above, the red arrow pointing down indicates the value has decreased and the number -8 indicates that the score has decreased 8 points. The bottom of the set is the "Company result" selected for the survey. In the picture above, the company has obtained an eNPS score of 18.


eNPS Result – How to interpret the score?

According to the response scale, the result can be anything from -100 to +100. As a general guide to interpreting the result, a positive result is always good.

For further interpretation, the following breakdown may be helpful;

         0 - +20 Good

         over 20 Very good

         over 40 Excellent

 When interpreting the result, it should be noted that comparisons with other companies are not always meaningful. The organizations rarely are truly comparative even if seem similar to each other, e.g. operating environment and size. It is more useful to use your own most recent result as a basis for comparison, if historical data is available. For teams or tags, the best benchmark is the overall company eNPS. It gives you a reliable picture of how the target population within a company compares with the overall performance.

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